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 3rd Session - 'Come'

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PostSubject: 3rd Session - 'Come'   Sat Dec 23, 2006 12:43 pm

After previous 2 serious session, you may start something cheerful with your pup. Come may sounds easy to teach but it is not easy for every dog to obey right on the first command we give. This is a very important and useful command for you to keep good control of your puppy. We should always practise Come even the dog grown to be an adult dog. Please practise the command more often and try not to let the puppy be an habit come to you only after you shout COME 5 to 6 times.

To teach the come command :

You may start from any point with a distance from your pup, if you just start training, we advise not too far from the pup, eventually you can increase the distance. Start training with very quiet environment (indoor) with only yourself and your puppy, Call your pup name with very happy tones and excited tones : PEONY !!! COME!!! you can holding a treat or his toy or give a big wave the treat you are holding to attract his attention. As long as he come to you, reward + plenty of Praise. Some dogs like to play tug game, you can hold his tug toy and tug with him after he come to you by command. After your pup can respond very well in indoor, you can practise this outdoor but PLEASE PUT HIM ON LONG LEASH or make sure the environment must be very safe (fence up) incase your pup run off.

Please remember a pup will only come to you if see you are in happy face, they can sense your mod from your body or by your voice tones. please don't command your puppy 'come' follow by actions that may make him terrified like : ask him come follow by punish him for peeing on the floor / ask him come for bath time / come but follow by NO. Those actions will cause your dog refuse to come to you in future and make it more tough for future recall exercise. Please remember 'COME' must always follow by happy moment for them, it's something good thing waiting for them.

Problem solving
1. Some puppies not good focus, they will busy on other things like sniff on the floor, scratching..etc. to solve this problem, you can use a long leash practise this in indoor with minimum distraction, call your pup : PEONY COME! with happy tone and then start shorthen your leash until the puppy reach you in front and then reward him. Practise until they can respond even only small tug on the leash then move on to off leash. Keep the exercise short and fun.

Happy training.
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Ob Dog
Ob Dog

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PostSubject: Re: 3rd Session - 'Come'   Sat Dec 23, 2006 2:27 pm

erm...this basic mocha oredi know le...can u pls teach me the trick BOW?i can c ur kids bow in the mocha hav the idea but his both leg behind ll drop down unless i hold his tummy
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3rd Session - 'Come'
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