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 1st session : 'Sit' - Good boy

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PostSubject: 1st session : 'Sit' - Good boy   Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:49 am

Sit is a very basic command. New puppy can learnt this command in early stage.

**To teach Sit command, you can use single word 'S.I.T' instead of 'sit down', sit down is double command as DOWN is another command for different exercise. We use simple and easy command so that our dog won't get confuse. Besides, you can use mandarine 'Juo' or ; 'Chor' for cantonese as long as you feel comfortable with the command just remember the rule: keep the command Short and Simple.

1. Stand in front of your pup, or knee down if your pup very young, hold his favourate toy/ treat above his eye level, slowly move your toy/treat over its head, for most pup naturally they will sit down in order to keep their eye focus on the treat/ toy you re holding. Give very FIRM command 'SIT' when you see your pup start to bend its hind legs.

2. Reward immediate with the toy/treat and follow by a lots of praise, GOOD BOY/GIRL and pat your pup.


3. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times each training session, until he understand the command. If your pup is still very young, keep it short but play more after the training session. Keep it fun. Keep different treats in your pocket for him to look forward and curious what he will get for each time he did it correctly.

4. Repeat the command but from different position of the puppy, try the command on its right side and left side, when he response the command well, gradually you can reduce the food rewards and eventually only praise alone will be sufficient. Please make sure the puppy is doing it only after you give the command, if he sit BEFORE you give the command don't continue the exercise, play with him and by sudden give the Sit command again then reward if correctly done. We want them focus and doing what we really want them to do, otherwise they are not focus and just simply did any tricks just to get rewards.


Problem Solving :

1) Some puppy will just keep on walk backwards so that the eye can focus on the treat/toy instead of sit down. To solve this problem, you can teach him with a wall behind prevent him to walk backwards.

Or put him in your left side and hold its collar with your right hand, gentle put your left hand on his bum, put on pressure and press him to sit and give command SIT firmly then rewards.


You can command your pup SIT before feed his meal, and SIT before going out for a walk. This will help your pup more discipline and more obedient in future.

Any members have better ideas how to polish the teaching skill you are welcome to add on. If any questions member face on the session can put it down here too. Happy training.
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1st session : 'Sit' - Good boy
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