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 english cocker spaniel looking good home. (FREE)

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PostSubject: english cocker spaniel looking good home. (FREE)   Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:02 pm

the following post we get from lowyat forum : pls help this little baby

Type of pet: English Cocker Spaniel
Age: 4 years old
Special needs: Need to be sent for grooming at least once a month
Sex of pet: M
Reason for adoption: Looking for a BETTER home
Location: Subang Jaya
Email or phone number: 017-6288420
or PM White Palace

Message from current owner/carer:
Tom is an adorable MEDIUM size dog which is very gentle & loves to manja with people. Just as any other cocker, there should be extra care on their ears and paws, or infection might occurs. Which means it is a must to be groom professionally, it is advisable to bring Tom to groomers at least once a month if you do not have proper grooming skills. Besides, wish to remind that cocker do sheds their hairs frequently, you should brush their hair daily and bath them once a week.

Since Tom is a male dog, instinctly he will do marking. But he is trainable, i've trained him to pee & poo at a spot, and he did it most of the time, but we have to expect his instinct will drives him to mark his territory.

When Tom first came, his teeth are filled with tartar, we have brought him for scaling, which means extra care have to be given to him, such as you must not feed him with canned food or human food, it is advisable to feed kibbles.

We have paid for the vet bills, but we are not going to ask for any refund. What we ask for is the new owner to neuter Tom. The new owner will have to provide us a deposit of RM300, once the dog is neutered, we shall refund in FULL. This is to ensure that Tom will not end up being bred without proper care. We will remain our right to claim back Tom if he is not being neutered within 1 month.

For those who are interested, please reply to the questions posted below, White Palace the answers or any enquiries as the moderators here want this thread to be kept clean. If you feel that there is any further details that you wish to add on or will increase your chance to be selected, feel free to adds on.

1) What is the purpose you wish to adopt Tom?

2) Is Tom going to stay at with you? Will Tom stays with you forever?

3) Besides you, who will be staying with Tom? Do they love dog?

4) Are you currently employed?

5) Where do you stay? (Location, Type of house, With/out garden)

6) Will Tom being kept indoor or outdoor?

7) Do you own any other dogs / pets currently? If yes, please list out the type and age, how long has he/she been with you?

Cool Do you own any dog previously? If yes, what breed and what happened to the dog? Do you neuter / spay them?

9) Will Tom being crated/caged? If yes, how long? (Fully, Partially, Not at all)

10) What kind of food will you be feeding Tom? (Kibbles, Canned Food, Home cooked food?) Currently Tom is on Blackwood Kibbles.

11) If you no longer can take care Tom, will you bring Tom to animal shelter such as SPCA / PAWS.

12) Will you bring Tom out for a walk? How frequent?

13) Are you willing to brush Tom's teeths at least once a week?

14) Will you send Tom for grooming? If yes, how frequent?

15) How long per day Tom will be left alone at home?

16) Can we visit Tom?

PM White Palace the answer with your contact, thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: english cocker spaniel looking good home. (FREE)   Tue Nov 28, 2006 3:05 am

hai all

Haha it is my ECS. He is a real beauty. Good structure and and build for ECS. But unfortunately... we might not be putting him up for adoption already cause we cant find anyone who is true at heart for ECS. They just interested in him more to cause he is a pure breed. Sad

However if there is anybody out there who are really interested in ECS you are welcome to adopt him in condition you are able to provide a BETTER HOME THAN US. If you are unable to do so, Tom is better in our home Smile

The reason we put him up for adoption is cause we hope to find a better home for him as we have many dogs here at home. Smile until TOm can find somebody better, he will remain here in our home. If you can give him a better life, i have no problem to let him go.

He is gentle and sweet and you will not regret having him. He will do all his best to please you and obey you. Never give me any problem at all. Never simply do business , no simple barking, no nuisance. He is such a perfect dog to have. Wink
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Number of posts : 246
Age : 40
Registration date : 2006-08-17

PostSubject: Re: english cocker spaniel looking good home. (FREE)   Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:39 am

arrhhh.. welcome to join our forum.. it is a very good new you will keep him again. cocker is a very nice breed to keep.. not too big not too small.. and yet very faithful.. ya.. ? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: english cocker spaniel looking good home. (FREE)   

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english cocker spaniel looking good home. (FREE)
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